Hybrid Greening Artist Veronika Zeil

Veronika Zeil

Tuning into the language of nature and motivating new ethical terms for our natural world is the aim of Zeil's multimedia visual art practice. Zeil's artworks develop around concepts from nature and ecology. She uses scientific insights to create semi-abstract drawings, paintings, photographs, installations and multimedia works. These artworks represent an intersection between invisible processes in nature and quantitative measurements in science. Zeil aims to portray the confluence of art, science and psychology to inspire the moments of exchange about our relationship with nature and science. 


Nanette Balchin

Balchin aims to enhance the ability of conversation in these resolved works, told through artworks of installation and interactive natures. Bringing together 2 dimensional native media of paint, inks, dyes and drawing media with cloth, papers and stitch to create visually rich surfaces, books, boxes and assemblages, creating a distinctive visual language. Curiosity is at the heart of her practice, with each artwork aiming to stimulate questions and queries to what is being seen, how it was formed and what it is portraying. 

Hybrid Greening Artist Nanette Balchin